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Remembering things can be a real pain sometimes.

Do you constantly find yourself forgetting things, such as names and important phone numbers? It seems that the more we depend on electronic devices to remember things for us, the more we forget. However, you can learn some memory improvement techniques which will help you remember more than you ever thought possible.

With very little effort and a bit of practice you'll be able to remember names the first time you hear them, remember dates, and even phone numbers, all at once. By learning these memorization techniques, you will learn how to hold onto information instead of always having to write things down. These memory improvement techniques include repeating the information, thinking in pictures and even writing little songs or stories about the information you want to be able to recover at a later time. Within no time you'll think you've got a photographic memory.

Of course these are just a few of the brain training techniques you can use but they will help you memorize things like you never imagined.

The Read, Write, and Think Brain Workout

One way you can work on your memory improvement skills is to start writing things down. Do a daily to do list, or just take more thorough notes. The act of writing engages your mind on a more active level than just passively listening does. Even if you are paying close attention while listening, you still aren’t as engaged as you would be if you were writing something down.

When you read, slow down. Allow yourself the time to soak up the information presented to you and don’t rush through just to finish the reading. Although it's a brain workout, improving your memory skills means improving your reading comprehension. The more practice you get, the faster you will eventually be able to read and comprehend, but start out slow. Just reading helps engage your mind similarly to writing, and that’s going to help you remember things in the long run.

One more thing you can do that will help with improving your memory skills is reflect on what you’ve learned. Whether it be the sentimental “Today I learned that people….blah blah blah.” Or “I learned about Pythagoras’ Theorem and it involves.” Both will get your brain working on the day’s events. Simply reviewing can lead to long term memory commitment.

You'll find many other articles about improving your brain power in the various sections below. In them we look at many different aspects of accelerated learning and brain development. All of the information and research will give you a better memory.

The articles cover some of the key points but to be able to remember and be able to recall more quicker, try reading the book 'You'll never forget anything ever again - The easy way to improve your memory.


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