Breakthrough technique in mind science enables anyone who sufferes from 'forgetful moments' to remember MORE... for LONGER than ever before:

"You're About to Discover The Proven Techniques and Tactics That Will Dramatically Boost the Capacity and Duration of Your Memory - In Less Than 20 Minutes!"

download memory retention and recovery guide.From: Kevin Polley
Date: 9:42pm August 8th 2008

Hi there my friend,

It doesn't matter why you need to improve your memory, who you are or your age. This book will help you remember and recall what you want, when you want it. Guaranteed.

You see recent breakthroughs in mind sciences (including the chemical and electrical reactions of our brains to various forms and types of stimuli) have led to a much greater understanding of how the human brain works.

How we store and recover our thoughts and memories have been well mapped and thouroughly documented. This book expands on some of the latest knowlege presenting it in a way that is easy to understand and implement ensuring maximum benefits for your brain.

It's absolutely true!

By applying these simple proven methods now, it means you will easily improve your long and short term memory in just minutes!

The memory enhancement strategies and techniques covered have been proven time and again, to be incredibly powerful, yet very simple and straight forward to implement. They get great results that you will see almost immediately.

We are so confident that this book will help you remember more, quicker ... and then be able recall it when you need it, that we are prepared to put our money where our mouth is.

Download it now. Read it today. Try out our techniques for 60 days. If you don't see a massive improvement, tell us and we will refund you 100%. It's as simple as that.

Look my friend, we know that the techniques covered in the book work for anyone who applies them. At just $37 (for the next 100 8 customers) you have nothing to lose, nothing to fear and you get peace of mind as well because your Iron Clad 100% money-back guarantee is backed and enforced by ClickBank who are internationally recognised as leaders in customer focused, safe and secure online ordering.

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If you're still undecided then read on and I'll tell you more about what the book includes, plus how reading it will help you improve your memory and recollection capabilites. You really could see an improvement today.

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Not Convinced Yet?

Just before we cover some of the good bits, let me ask you these quick questions:

my friend have you ever...

Returned to a parking lot, and completely forgot where you parked your car?

Strolled out of the supermarket, and realized you've forgotten to grab the main item that you went shopping for in the first place?

Gone to write something down, like an answer or a reply, only to end up wondering what it was you were going to write?

Walked to your front door because you're about to go out and totally forget where the last place you put your keys was?

We've all wished at some point we had a better memory.

If you have found yourself in similar situations (and let's face it, we all have at some time or other) then I'm sorry to be the one that has to break it to you, but you may be suffering from some form of memory loss, memory retention or memory recovery problem! It's not the end of the world and although it can cause us problems, it need not be like that..

That's why I'd like to introduce some of these concepts to you from a new revolutionary book called “The Easy Way to Master or Improve Your Memory. - You'll Never Forget Anything Important Ever Again" - it's jam-packed with clever techniques and proven strategies designed to boost, or enhance, your memory retention and recovery skills. Skills that you can use from today and for years to come.

Don't Accept Memory Problems As 'Just' A Fact Of Life - Take Steps Now To Get Your Brain Doing What You Want It To Do. When You Need It To.

I must admit - unless you already knew prior to reading this page - then being told that you could be suffering from memory problems is probably one of that last things you'd expect (or want) to hear or accept.

But don't worry one bit, you're not alone my friend - it's completely normal.

Is memory loss just age related?

There are many reasons why you may be finding it harder to remember things, or ... easier to forget things if you prefer. One of which, is age. Now while this may not be the culprit in your case, it can be for others. It's a fact of life that as we get older, things seem to go in one ear and out the other. It's as if our memory bank was some sort of sieve leaving us thinking that our brains have turned to mush or are filled with cotton wool ;-)

The point is, it's never too late. You can improve your brain power. By using the proven techniques and excersises in this book it will be easier than you ever dreamed possible. Try it and see the results for yourself.

Once you start using your brain again in logical proven way, the old synapses start to fire up as if by magic. Before you know it the strategy starts automatically allowing the transfer of messages from one neuron to another or from a neuron to a cell and bingo. The brain starts blowing off it's cobwebs and you're on your way to having a lazer targeted photographic type memory.

What if I'm young - How can I remember and recall all of those details so I can pass exams or improve my career prospects?

download hereThroughout life we all have the need to improve our mental capacity for specific reasons. To pass exams, remember important business meeting notes, people's faces or names. It could be anything. These days we all need an edge of some kind.

The human brain works the same way in all of us (unless there is a serious problem - in which case you need to find professional help). In some the brain works quickly while in others it's slower ... but the simple fact is, we can all recover thoughts to some degree at a later point in time. What makes the difference so that some people appear smarter or more clever than others (and in some cases appear to have a near photographic memory) is how they are taught to use thier brains.

If you've not been shown or told how you can do this before, or you've never heard of brain training, then this book will be a real eye opener and you'll be recovering details and memories like you were a Master Mind champion in less than seven days.

Look at the facts. Children absorb information really quickly and at first it comes out in a gabble or slightly mixed up way. They quickly learn to retain information and recover 'details' in logical order because we all help them to understand what they are doing and why they are doing it.

Isn't it amasing how they can really take us by surprise us and call on previous experiences to improve on what they've remembered. How many times have you wondered 'How did they remember that?'

Well now thanks to recent discoveries, you can find out and learn how use it to help improve your memory.

MIddle Aged and Absent Minded?

People in thier middle years know what's important and how to do something well. They may appear to have forgotten more than youngsters know now. But with age comes experience and the understanding that repetition may be boring but it gets the job done and also that some things are best forgotten.

You see life has this strange way of playing with our heads. what with all of the work pressures, home pressures, time pressures ... with so much going on unless you've learnt some of the basic brain training functions, it's no wonder you that you forget things. Come on ... give yourself a break my friend. Most people don't even know there's such a thing as brain training - so you're light years ahead of them right now.

For you, this book will reinforce things you already know and then add the missing keys that will unlock your unused mental capacity, making you king (or queen) of your memories. With your new found memory training skills the world can once again be your oyster.

O.K. being realistic for a second, your oyster might not have a big pearl in it but how much fun can you have now with those people that expect you to be, or play on your forgetfulness? Think about this for a moment ...

Our brain is what makes us the person we are and you could do worse than think of it as a very important muscle.

Well just like an arm or a leg muscle your brain can also be trained making it stronger and more reliable. This book shows you how.

What you can expect this book to do is spoon feed you proven strategies and techniques, that are specially designed around scientific principles, to help improve your short and long term memory - including some clever memorization tactics that have given others extraordinary results.

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Not quite ready to download the book yet? No problem.

Here, Take a Quick Look At What You'll Find Inside “The Easy Way to Master or Improve Your Memory So You'll Never Forget Again ” ...

  • 3 Top-Secret Techniques To Permanently Remembering Anything:

    On page 54, you will discover how the advertising industry utilizes top-secret techniques to burn their slogans and advertisements into the minds of millions of people. You'll even learn how YOU can harness these 3 simple techniques to give yourself the same memory-sticking ability.
  • 5 Sure-Fire Tricks To Beating Tests and Exams:

    On page 43, the Test-Taker's Bible is revealed in the form of more than 5 sure-fire tips and tricks designed to empower you with the memory skills needed to memorize anything a test may throw at you, whether it's a series of history facts or the steps to solving a tough math problem.

    Plus, the one thing you MUST do when memorizing cold, hard facts - chances are, this could shorten your memorization time by hours, arming you with the ability to memorize two, three or even four times the amount of information in the same amount of time - and with the same amount of effort .
  • How To Mentally Connect Specific Pieces Of Information:

    On page 58, you learn how constructing a simple "map" can be used to navigate the boundless "memory highway" and give your mind the all-powerful ability to not only memorize vast amounts of information, but also to mentally connect specific pieces of information - ensuring that whatever you memorize stays in for the long-haul.
  • Simple Steps To Picking Up A New Language:

    Most adults experience more difficulty learning a new language than almost anything else - yet, infants instantly pick-up words and phrases of any language. On page 39, you'll discover how to "lock-in" almost any language you wish to learn by consciously re-awakening that seemingly unlimited capacity for knowledge - with 6 steps that are almost sure to have you speaking like an international traveler!
  • The 5 Secrets to Building a Super Memory:

    On page 63, you'll stumble upon 5 secrets which are destined to tune-up your mind into an efficient, well-oiled Memory Machine capable of absorbing information at the rate of a human "supercomputer." You really can't afford to miss what could be the "Holy Grail" of memorization!
  • The Three Laws of Memory You MUST Follow:

    On page 66, you'll be learning the Three Laws of Memory that you MUST abide by if you truly want the gift of "textbook memorization" - only inside “You'll Never Forget Again!”

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  • How To Memorize Intricate Groups Of Items:

    let's be honest, memorizing specific groups of information is tricky even for those with "bottomless" memories - especially when just the slightest mix-up of information can render your efforts worthless. On page 22, I'll be teaching you a simple method that makes memorizing intricate groups of items as simple as recalling pieces of furniture in a room! No kidding.
  • How To Memorize Short Lists - The EASY Way:

    On page 8, you'll learn two fail-proof methods for memorizing short lists - and what's more, they're techniques that you can depend on every single time to totally and completely memorize ANY series of items - easily!
  • How To Memorize Long, Seemingly-Endless Lists:

    On page 16, you will discover how a little-known skill (that you probably haven't used since kindergarten) can be utilized to memorize long, seemingly-endless lists! You'll kick yourself when you read this.
  • 3 "Mind Games" To Get You Remembering Almost Anything At All:

    On page 36, I'll show you 3 simple "Mind Games" that can give you that extra boost needed to memorize anything at all, no matter if it's material for a school test or the ingredients and steps for preparing a gourmet recipe - and best of all, they can be "played" in the comfort of your own home.
  • How You Can Memorize Long Series Of Numbers - In Order:

    Don't even attempt to memorize long numbers or series of numbers without discovering how the technique on page 26 can potentially save you from struggling for hours on end to memorize that all important telephone number - no matter how many digits there are.
  • How To Make Absolutely Anything A Cinch To Memorize:

    On page 31, we'll be discovering how an easy-to-make flowchart can make any piece of information, structure or order a cinch to memorize, no matter how lengthy or complicated it may be. To show you how fast, easy, and, most of all, effective they can be for total memorization, I've provided you with a sample chart on page 32.
  • How To Remember A Set Of Directions - Without Getting Lost:

    You'll be picking up this must-know method for memorizing any type of ordered list on page 12. Don't even think about trying to memorize another set of directions until you equip yourself with this fast and easy technique that will give you the ability to memorize any ordered list, no matter how big or small.
  • How To Memorize And Recall ANY Name At The Snap Of A Finger:

    "John... no, James... no, Jack..." There's almost nothing more embarrassing than running into someone of recent acquaintance, only to stammer and fumble when attempting to remember their name. That's why, on page 49, the causes of this common (and humiliating!) condition are explained - and that's also why 3 tips are revealed that can give you the brain-power to memorize and recall ANY name at a second's notice.

...and That Doesn't Even Begin To Scratch The Surface my friend.
Just by reading this book you will be able to expand your mental capacity to remember anything wou want ... and recall it at will.

Click Here To Download Risk FreeNow although you're probably thinking "Jeez Kev, there's a lotta' stuff there..." Well ... To be fair, I couldn't possibly fit everything this book will give you on to one page. I have summarized a serious proportion of what's inside “You'll Never Forget Again ” - but I haven't jotted down everything. The rest... well, you'll just have to wait and see. :)

Let's just say it reinforces all of the good bits you've just read about, making it easier to get great results from day one.

In fact, you don't even have to wait... if you think you're convinced that “You'll Never Forget Again” will improve your memory by leaps and bounds - then simply click here to be taken straight to our secure order form.

If not, (and there's no reason why you shouldn't be) then allow me to ask you this question:

How long are you going to wait before you take action to Improve your memory?

One day? ... 2 weeks? ... A month? ... A year?

I hope not because the solution you're looking for is here right now. What's more, deep down, you know it's true. “The Easy Way to Master or Improve Your Memory. - You'll Never Forget Anything Important Ever Again" is something you want.

At just $37, you know it's a bargin you should grab now before the price goes up to 47. (Even then it's worth every penny but why waste time and spend more later?)

Since you've read this far my friend, you obviously have some degree of interest in either improving your memory, or picking up some proven techniques that quickly and easily help you memorize and recall any information - forever!

That's why I'm urging you to get your copy now, and start improving your memory today.

Because, let's say, for example, you have an exam coming up, okay?

Revising is the easy part, right? But actually remembering it when you're sat down in the exam hall is a totally different story (you may, or may not remember from your school days).

There's absolutely no point in revising for hours and hours on end, if after it all your grade wasn't affected by any way, is there?

So you'll agree that there's no point spending 2 to 3 hours using the same old out-of-date revision techniques (with no guarantee of actually remembering what you've learned at a later date!)...

...When by reading “You'll Never Forget Again” you could slash that time in half (maybe even more!) and even guarantee to yourself that you'll remember it when the time comes.

But by far, the best thing about “You'll Never Forget Again” is...

These Techniques Can Be Applied By Anyone, Anywhere, At Any Time - And They Can Be Used For Anything!

Whether you're in the comfort of your own home, at the gym, or even at work - simply open this book up on your computer, or just print it off and read. Also, as part of this amasing offer you get an MP3 version as well. That means you can download it on to your MP3 player and listen to it anywhere. In the car, on a train or plane. Wjile you're walking, running, cooking or cleaning... absolutly anywhere.

It really is that simple, and it doesn't matter what you're trying to memorize.

Simply open up your copy and you'll find methods for memorizing names, numbers, directions and so much more - and that's on TOP of the exercises designed to improve the quality (and quantity) of your memory... in a matter of minutes.

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But What If “Sorry I Forgot” Doesn't Work For Me?

I understand how influential guarantees can be in the decision making process, especially when it comes to money. Even if it is only $37

That's why I chose ClickBank as the company to handle the money side of things for us. Because of this you are guaranteed a 100% refund if "You'll Never Forget Again" isn't what you expect. How?

Clickbank are well established, internationally known and highly respected for their no-nonsense approach in dealing with secure online sales. When you place your order via the secure form, once the payment is verified it's held by them in a holding account. This doesn't hold you up because you get automatically send to the page where you can download the book and MP3.

The beauty for you my friend is, if after trying out the techniques, you don't see them working and you decide you want a refund. You can have it. All you need to do is ask. If I don't honour my refund promise then ClickBank will pay you back. You can't lose a penny ! Your money back guarantee is cast iron, rock solid, 100% bullet proof and written on stone tablets

They only pay me if in 8 weeks time you didn't ask for your money back.

If in the unlikely event you feel “You'll Never Forget Again” doesn't live up to it's promise, or EVEN if after trying it you don't feel like you're getting your moneys worth, simply drop me a line or call me up within the next 8 weeks, and I'll promptly issue you with a full refund - for every last penny. - and I'll even let you KEEP the bonuses just for having faith in me so that you can continue to benefit for years to come.

Here's How To Secure Your Copy Immediately...

All you have to do to secure your own copy of “You'll Never Forget Again” before the price increase for the MP3, is click this link immediately, you'll be taken to the secure payment page right away.

It really is that easy to order.

Oh yeah, one more thing...

As I'm sure you can understand, I can't keep this insanely low price available for everyone - so copies at this price are on a strict first come, first serve basis and limited to the next 100 15 customers. (updated on Sat)

Sorry - that's just the way it works.

It's now down to you.

Will you make the all-important move my friend?

Will you finally take action and improve your abilities once and for all?

Or will you leave it till later, and most probably... "FORGET?"

I've come 90% of the way - it's up to you to move the other 10%!

All the best,

signed by Kevin Polley

Kevin Polley

P.S. Remember my friend, I can't offer such valuable information at such a low price for much longer - which is why I'm urging you to secure your copy by placing your order today, right now. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Simply click here now to ensure you get your copy.

P.P.S. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by reading 'You'll Never Forget Anything Ever Again'. If you have any questions I haven't answered then please ask me here. I'll be happy to help. If however you are just looking for free information on memory improvement then fill in the form below and I'll send you our free mini guide 'Remember More in 7 Seconds Than You Ever Thought Possible'.

Just remember that by the time you come back to grab the main book the price will have gone up. I won't be keeping it at this price much longer.

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