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Three Useful Brain Training Techniques for Improving Your Mental Capacity

Brain research into improving your memory says it can be equated to improving your abs. They both require a kind of exercise. It’s true, without using your memory it will only go through the atrophy process and deteriorate over time.

In fact, I bet you didn’t even think that your memory could be analogized with your leg muscles. But the simple truth is your entire mind and body needs exercise to remain healthy. There are a few different ways you can go about improving your memory skills and brain exercises are top of the list.

Read, Write, and Think

One way you can work on improving your brain mapping exercises and memory skills is to start writing things down. Do a daily to do list, or just take more thorough notes. The act of writing engages your mind on a more active level than just passively listening does. Even if you are paying close attention while listening, you still aren’t as engaged as you would be if you were writing something down. This isn't just some learning theory. It works.

When you read, slow down. Allow yourself the time to soak up the information presented to you and don’t rush through just to finish the reading. Improving your memory skills means improving your reading comprehension. The more practice you get the faster you will eventually be able to read and comprehend, but start out slow. Just reading helps engage your mind similarly to writing, and that’s going to help you remember things in the long run.

One more thing you can do that will help with improving your brain based learning memory skills is reflect on what you’ve learned. Whether it be the sentimental “Today I learned that people….blah blah blah.” Or “I learned about Pythagoras’ Theorem and it involves.” Both will get your brain working on the day’s events. Simply reviewing is a brain exercise that can lead to long term memory commitment.


If none of these techniques for improving your memory skills work, well, there are a ton of other tips that may work for you. In fact there are entire websites dedicated to improving memory. Most of them do require some small sign up fee, but they offer fun activities that break up the monotony that some memory exercises have.

Ultimately finding what brain based learning works for you to ensure accelerated learning will be entirely your responsibility. We just don’t learn in the same manner as everyone else. So just find the tips that work for you and don’t worry about the ones that don’t. Improving your memory skills is just like improving your stamina. There’s a basic outline but the program should be customized to meet your needs.

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